House rules ( Sakala 11 )

House rules

1. Domestic peace

    1. Clients are not allowed to disturb other Clients (make noise, play loud music or otherwise disturb the peace of other Clients)..
    2. The quiet period is from Sunday to Friday from 22:00 to 07:00 and on Friday and Saturday from 00:00 to 08:00.
    3. Customers may have visitors between 7:00 and 23:00, provided that their activities do not disturb other Customers. The customer is liable for damage caused by his guests as well as for damage caused by himself.
    4. The client is prohibited from using the apartment for purposes other than temporary use (all business activities, production, organization of meetings and business meetings are prohibited).
    5. In addition to the Apartment, the Client undertakes to maintain order in the Building and the surrounding territory. Any damage is prohibited. The customer undertakes to always close and lock the door behind him. If the Customer intentionally or negligently damages the Building, the Apartment or the surrounding territory, he / she undertakes to compensate the damage in accordance with the law and the Agreement. If the person who caused the damage cannot be identified, all the Clients of the Building are jointly and severally liable for the damage.

2. Keeping cleanliness

    1. Clients undertake to maintain cleanliness in their Apartment and in the Building and common areas of the Building after their use.
    2. The Clients undertake to follow the maintenance instructions of the Apartment and the Building, of which the Clients have been notified.
    3. Maalink has the right to carry out inspections from time to time to maintain cleanliness and compliance with the requirements. The Clients shall be notified of the inspection pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Agreement.
    4. At the end of the contract, the apartment must be handed over clean. In addition, at the end of the contract, Maalink will order a general cleaning service for the apartment in accordance with the price list provided or established in the contract.

3. Living together

    1. The use of the apartment by other persons is prohibited. Apartments may be used for living only by people indicated in contract.

4. Security

    1. The building and the apartments located in it meet the fire safety requirements. Evacuation plans that meet the requirements have been installed in the public areas of the building. All Clients must get acquainted with them when moving into the Building.
    2. To ensure safety, working conditions of electrical equipment must be regularly checked by the Clients.
    3. Equipment that is not working, broken, misused, or repaired can endanger the user’s life.
    4. Independent electrical or plumbing work is not permitted. If the Customer has problems with the electrical system or piping, they must contact customer service.
    5. In order to ensure fire safety, care must be taken when handling the fire, the legal requirements must be observed and potential hazards must be avoided..
    6. Before leaving the apartment / building, the Client undertakes to check that the equipment causing a potential fire hazard is switched off after use (iron, stove, etc.).
    7. Objects that could prevent the Rescue Board from accessing the Property, the Building and the Apartment in the event of a fire shall not be left in the traffic routes and stairwell.
    8. In order to ensure the general fire safety and the condition of the technical systems of the Building, Maalink occasionally carries out inspections in the premises and apartments. The Clients shall be notified in advance of the inspection pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Agreement.
    9. There is a smoke detector on the ceiling of each room. The customer is prohibited from removing or covering the sensor independently. If there are any problems with the smoke detector, contact your Maalink representative.
    10. 4.10.The client is prohibited from giving third parties access to the Building or Apartment.
    11. 4.11.The Client is prohibited from taking possession of objects or other movables in the common areas of the Building that are intended for use by all Clients.

5. Waste management

      1. It is the responsibility of each Customer to sort their rubbish according to the markings on the containers.

6. Repair and maintenance

    1. Independent repair work (incl. Drilling holes in the walls, painting the walls) is not permitted.
    2. Normal wear and tear is the natural wear and tear of an apartment and furnishings, which is associated with the purposeful use of the dwelling, equipment and furnishings. In case of normal wear and tear, the Customer has maintained all equipment and other parts of the apartment according to the instructions.
    3. Normal wear and tear does not include wear and tear, defects and related damage caused by improper use of the apartment, equipment and furnishings. The cost of non-intended use must be paid at the latest at the end of the accommodation period. In addition, payment must be made for causing unintentional and intentional damage to the Apartment, equipment and furnishings. Such injuries may include, for example, cuts on the kitchen surface, placing a hot kitchen utensil on the kitchen surface, damaging the floor with furniture legs, and the like. In addition, damage on the walls, floor, ceiling, windows, doors and other parts of the apartment falls under the same category.
    4. Maalink must be notified immediately of any incident with the furnishings, equipment or apartment installed by Maalink (more detailed information in the contract).
    5. If Maalink has to perform maintenance or repair work in the Apartment due to the Customer’s fault, Maalink has the right to invoice the Customer for the performance of the Work according to its price list.

7. Apartment interior

    1. It is not allowed to install your own furniture in the apartment without Maalink’s written consent.

8. Smoking and consumption of other substances

    1. The building is completely non-smoking. Smoking inside the building and inside the apartment (incl. Smoking an e-cigarette) is strictly prohibited. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

9. Internal rules renewal

    1. New provisions may be added to the Rules as necessary. Customers will be notified in writing of the update of the rules of procedure.