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1.1 These terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms) shall apply to the use of MY APARTMENTS website (www.myapartments.ee). By using MY APARTMENTS website, you agree to act at any time in compliance with these Terms. Considering that MY APARTMENTS may change these Terms at any time, it is recommended to occasionally review the Terms.

1.2 The content and design of and the regularity and logic of operations performed on MY APARTMENTS website are protected by copyright. Distribution, reproduction and storage of the website and its individual parts, except for the personal use of the services provided by MY APARTMENTS, is strictly prohibited.



2.1. The purpose of the use of the MY APARTMENTS website is to allow visitors to reserve and gain access to an apartment for temporary use in a building specified on MY APARTMENTS website.

2.2. The accommodation services provided by MY APARTMENTS can be used and reservations made by natural and legal persons who are 18 years of age or older and have full legal capacity. MY APARTMENTS may cancel the reservation if it turns out that the client does not meet the abovementioned requirement.

2.3. In order to reserve an apartment, the client must follow the instructions on the website and perform successive actions, as a result of which they enter into an agreement with MY APARTMENTS for the use of the apartment selected in the reservation system.

2.4. By reserving an apartment, the client agrees to these and other conditions of use of the apartment, choosing an apartment type, its period of use, the fee to be paid for its use and other conditions.

2.5. By making a reservation, the client confirms that they are aware of the nature, purpose and reservation methods of the service provided and have received the information necessary to make the reservation and understand its consequences.

2.6. The reservation is finalised by paying the fee for the use of the apartment, the amount and terms of payment of which are displayed on the website.

2.7. All payments shall be in euros. If the client makes a payment in a different currency, they shall bear the cost of the exchange rate.

2.8. During the reservation confirmation, the client is also asked to confirm that they agree with the General terms and conditions of the accommodation services published on the website of MY APARTMENTS. These General terms and conditions are an important document that we ask you to read carefully, especially with regard to cancellations and refunds.

2.8.1. The reservation can be cancelled 14 days before the arrival date specified by the client during the reservation process, by sending a respective notice to the e-mail address published on the website of MY APARTMENTS. In such case, MY APARTMENTS will refund the amount paid by the client within 7 days, whereby all bank charges related to the refund shall be borne by the client.

  • 2.8.2. If the client cancels their reservation later than at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date, MY APARTMENTS shall refund 50% of the sum paid by the client.
  • 2.8.3. If the client cancels their reservation before the end of the period specified in the reservation but after they have already started using the apartment, the sum paid by the client shall not be refunded.

2.9. The MY APARTMENTS website also includes other important terms and conditions, such as the privacy policy, prices of the additional services and other relevant information.

2.10 The General terms and conditions of the accommodation services constitute an important part of the accommodation services agreement concluded between you and MY APARTMENTS, which regulates in detail your mutual relationship when using the apartment of your choice.

2.11. MY APARTMENTS’s General terms and conditions set out, among other things, the procedure for accepting and handing over your apartment, the penalties and penalty limits applicable to you, the grounds for terminating the agreement and other circumstances that affect your obligations and rights when using the apartment.

2.12. An important part of the General terms and conditions of MY APARTMENTS is the privacy policy, which is published separately on the MY APARTMENTS website for the clients to review.



3.1. MY APARTMENTS shall not be responsible for ensuring that the client has continuous and uninterrupted access to MY APARTMENTS website.

3.2. MY APARTMENTS shall always have the right to make changes to the website and block access to the website to implement such changes.

3.3. The MY APARTMENTS website may contain links to pages owned or operated by third parties. By accessing such a page via a link, you agree to review and accept the terms of use of said page before its use. MY APARTMENTS has no control over third party websites. MY APARTMENTS shall not be liable for any direct or indirect patrimonial or non-patrimonial damage resulting from the use of these websites and materials published on said websites.

3.4. The images displayed on MY APARTMENTS website are illustrative. The pictures of apartments are as realistic as possible but there may be differences due to changes in furniture, etc.



4.1. MY APARTMENTS may use cookies on the website referred above. For example, to track website usage and direct advertising materials. Cookies are small files that are created while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser. Cookies are used to facilitate the use of website. Cookies do not collect data that allows the identification of visitors nor do they allow access to information on the visitor’s computer hard drive.


5. Contact details of MY APARTMENTS

Matters related to the reservation process: kotka2@myapartments.ee


Customer support after arrival: kotka2@myapartments.ee


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